Learn How to Find an SEO Professional

Just about every business knows that a website is integral to any business plan. And then when you have a website, sooner or later you will realize the importance of SEO. And since your amateurish efforts will pale in comparison to what expert San Francisco SEO services can do for you, you have to find yourself an SEO pro.

And that just begs the question: how do you find an SEO professional?

Quite a few experts offer tips to help you out, but perhaps the final say on the subject should be from Google itself. After all, Google is the search engine of choice. More people use Google in the US and in the world than all other search engines combined.

So here’s what Google has to say when you’re looking for an SEO pro:

SEO Experience

One of the surest ways of gauging the expertise of an SEO professional is by checking their work history and experience. So find out how long the firm has been doing SEO. Check to see if they have experience handling SEO for your industry, and for your location, specifically.

You will have to ask for references. Contact their previous clients and see how satisfied they were with the service and what they got for their money. Google the websites of these clients and see how well they’re doing in their rankings.


There are three things you have to remember about SEO methods:

  1. You have to know the methods. Do not hire an SEO professional who won’t explain clearly what they will do for your SEO. Some actually claim that their methods are trade secrets—ignore these people. You have to know if and how they do keyword research, provide quality content, offer technical advice, and do social media.
  2. They have to be effective. Take note of how they do things and then do your own research as to their effectiveness. You can also ask if they also offer complementary marketing services that can help with organic search.
  3. They have to be ethical. When your SEO engages in unethical practices, Google won’t punish them. Google will punish you by not including your website in search results. Unethical methods, such as paid backlinks, spun or plagiarized articles, and keyword stuffing will do more harm than good.

Standards and Results

Some SEO firms have the nerve to guarantee that your website will get the #1 spot—this is patently impossible according to Google. Some of these SEO firms may even claim to have a special relationship with Google so that their clients are given priority in the rankings. These are all lies.

Nonetheless, you and the SEO pro will need some agreed upon way to measure results to see whether your SEO efforts are succeeding. What kind of rankings can you expect, and what kind of time frame is reasonable?

Once the SEO firm begins their work in your behalf, you should receive regular reports regarding the methods they are using and results they have obtained so that you can track your progress.

Choosing a San Francisco SEO company may take some time, but it’s worth it. Choosing the right one will bring benefits, and settling for the wrong one will only bring heartache (and financial losses too!).

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